Celebrating light


{“Follow me” scorched sky 

Red stria canopy thatching                                      

Dim foreground, dusks playground

“Holler” she quips

Up on feel good cloud

Mounting the bitch

And striking the ground

Air thick with current

Eels swim electric

And wade the retinas of

Curious monkey

A cackle of light

To mimic the trees

Kissing the wind

And flattering branches

The Grapple of talons

In a turquoise sketch

Monkey clambers

The plains, skids under brush

Up to limb and then to peak

No breath to breathe

None left to speak

Neon streams through the

bushy elder

Spark and scatter

Electrostatic display

Drawn in awe

And teetering gaze

To the competing thunder

Of guns in the bay

Monkey smiled

As time had aligned

A festival of thanks

With Promethean skies

Nitrate, charcoal,

Sulphur and spark

Monkey signaled to sky

She answered with “dark”}


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