What do you know about milk?

Sure we might be the only animals to interspecifically consume the milk of another, but it doesn’t mean we can’t give animals a nice life, and in turn create healthy, tasty sustenance for our selves.

Goats milk.

                 Its fat globules are small, relative to the size of the animal, and in turn are more suited for human consumption than their gargantuan bovine counterpart. For those of us who toil with cow fat the body sometimes considers it a foreign intruder and not food, despite our protest.

Kefir Milk.

              Wow, super yogurt! Yeah, yeah, probiotic, got it! This also has a positive yeast cultures that not only regulate our bodies’ yeast activity, but also eats sugar found in the milk. Lactose intolerant might now tolerate milk. The other benefit is that the protein would be more available without sugar to conflict with digestion. OH, and you can make Kefir COCONUT milk! If you do not already know the benefits of coconuts, go research them, and then apply the aforementioned milk transformation concepts.

This information has not been cited, it is merely an accumulation of previous reading and opinion.


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