A pond reflection

ImageSkip the ground pitching spring to the promise of youthful quickening

Patters like a pair of legs separated by no boundaries A pond reflection

Skim the fringe A pond reflection

Push through the tumble of hatched little mumbles in a mixture of movements that waddle through muck easily unstuck A pond reflection

Passing scents biting without lament decay sitting with a scent winding wind through lengths of a blue canvass tent stretched taut A pond reflection

Strung off the tops sing out echoes that stop at a black little bundle of stumbling shades that sink deeper into grades of grey A pond reflection


Collected cumbersome trunks in a sprawling pod of beluga lumps dead heads and hollowed stumps

Knots that could not make thought branch up and off to new heights when the liquid of life stopped

Stunted roots wrestled with icy lips that failed to slip water stiff to tips for a sip not lifting left the leaves to trip falling back to earth, to bark in shit

Layers in bluster like the dust from the ashes, Phoenix sweeping heat refractions against massive organismic culture castles, ghetto fringe shoots up a new green bank A pond reflection

It beckons to come climb to get a new glimpse of shine giving stalk to ear and stem to vine

A pond reflection


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