Lo Veda Girl


Allow thoughts to settle quite still to retract from

Turning here and now into a sexual abstraction

Dividing our experiences up to mere fractions

Of what is palpable from vibrant interaction

Say say sex is not an enemy of me

It’s just one type cell pumping through my veins to bleed

Out the myriad of possible pooling permutations

No need to cut to condemning copulation

Let’s take a trip to the present situation

My last few flirtations

Refined there engagements

To god blessed relations


The pastor paints postures of life after pasture

The back bent in bearing the crest of malice

Will Flap from the horizon as it falls upon the fallacy


With my feet on the ground and my crown intact

Their pearly whites revealed elements that I had lacked

A common type of growth calling for attentive backing

To divorce the mind and send the busy boy  packing


 Let’s explore a relation polarity

Meeting at the waste in a way hypersexual

Conflicts confidence

In intent intellectual

Skip a little further down the line, to find –

One met in mind and furthered in spirit

The chemicals coo but the body doesn’t hear it


Freed from the filaments of earl grey matter

Take from the spices and dilute them as you gather

Please help support my recording process and get this album spinning



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