Soon To-Be


With able bearing on receptive ground

The curve of skin so thin and fair that grace could preserve and while a kiss could tear

The mouth is rinsed as the mind invites the lingering curves that reach behind to lead teeth to find velvet fine, tart and crisp; teased on the line of sugar undressing

Before the tongue scorches passions, gingerly pace sensations in rations

Should I hide my desires from action? Should I pounce? Should we dove tail and let love froth at the mouth. The places I want to touch, I have already leaned into deep in the neural tapestry of space between us. I , making love my guide, open up to what resides. Do you feel my excitement? Do you tremble?

Converse through synapse

The chemical coo of skin request

Electric ripples course through tact and back to stem

Lifting geranium lips to tease petal affections

Tribal palpitations write crimson lines

Bodies of work with notes entwined

Volumes composed by nearness

Please help support my recording process and get this album spinning


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