Whatever of the Raven


The golden glow of life settled in her beak

Raven swam through darkness melting its grip on the quiet rocks below

As she approached, the brilliance of all colours were exposed in their place

Citron explosions fused orange ripples through an ocean smear

Setting domain upon horizons

Sewing herself through the ether

Strung far as limbs could take her

She hung it like a bead

Left to speak its nuclear rhymes

Summoning terrestrial ovations

Moving reflective glimmers through every life it sprouted

Mirroring its face on the very surface it sustained

The warmth that it brought fell back to black

The coach wheel turning under lantern

Movement recalled at the first stir of light

Chasing the tentacles of the darting night

It was never the dark that she feared

The violent  wind that wound the sails of Columbus

Pressed again on great mother raven

The celestial song of the humming button was sharply recoiled

Cascading ice drilled viscous extractions

Unkindness lathered in desperate reactions

Raven screamed with sinew contraction

Grappling for the nearest perch

Barely settled

Calamitous cold cracked limb from her tree

Plume from her quill and string from her knee

She grappled to push a flight to fin

But lost all support of crest and wing

Down swept in a downward spin

A tight swarm of oil slick eels

Swam like a dart, to the flightless soil

Her eyes cut with philosophers scalpel

Passing through the cold for understanding



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