Walking Stones (Komagata Maru)

Breach the west

Over Rocky crest

Sun Bleached stones

A white fortress

Dark of skin

Not welcomed in

The new home

Of White Stone kin

Leaving the empire

Tasted good

On the right side

When the white wall stood

Tight wound hair

with collars pressed

Raj Barrage

Brotherhood redressed

Wild West

Oh they never changed

How each stone fell into place

Look at their polished face

Stuck right in place

Ek Onkar

ek onkar

“At the same shore of the ocean

where once stood Komagata Maru

and went back

without kissing the shore sand

shrieking like a hungry elephant

facing the guns

now sitting amidst

the scattered boulders

the driftwood, the gravel, the sand

may be someone could tell me the story?

I wonder how they witnessed

the scene

and silently listened

to the voices of our grandfathers

I try to enjoy the music of the waves

but only the angry Punjabi voices

from the Maru reach my ears

I ask the walking stones

about the heart-breaking incident

they laugh

turn their faces and walk away”


Sadhu Binning



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